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Located in the vibrant city of Dubai, UAE, we are a premier destination for all equestrians and horse lovers. We are specilized in providing top-quality saddles repairing services tailored to the needs of various equestrians diciplines, including showjumping, endurance, dressage, beauty/Arabian, polo, and racing.

Premium Quality Services

We take pride for being the only service provider in our niche, offering unparalleled expertise and handcrafted solutions for all of your horse related needs.

1- Saddle repairs :

“I am thrilled with the embroidery work Mr. Saddler did on my saddle pad and boots bag. The attention to detail is amazing, and the personalized designs truly reflect my style. Their services have added a new level of sophistication to my riding gear!”

2- Buying/selling used saddles:

“Mr. Saddler’s expertise in saddle repair is unmatched. They brought my old saddle back to life, making it feel and look brand new. The buying and selling of used saddles on their platform was seamless, connecting me with a perfect fit. A one-stop destination for all equestrian needs!”

3- Embroidery:

Elevate Your Ride with Personalized Equestrian Embroidery. From saddle covers to caps, our expertly crafted stitching adds a unique touch to your gear. Showcase your style and stand out in the arena with Mr. Saddler’s embroidery service.
Available for all types of riding accessories (saddle cover, saddle bag, pad, boots bag, caps, etc.)


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